Alderaan was an planet in the Core Worlds that was known for its pacifist government and its beautiful jungles and forests. It had been a part of the Galactic Republic for years, and stayed loyal to the Republic during the Clone Wars. However, after the Rise of the Galactic Empire, many members of the Alderaanian government, including their leader, Viceroy Bail Organa, secretly joining a supporting the early rebellion and later, the Alliance to Restore the Republic. Alderaan would do this of a long time, up until the capture of Alderaanian Princess, Leia Organa, by the Imperial Sith, Darth Vader. This capture would lead the Empire to using their newest weapon, the Death Star, to destroy Alderaan. Following its destruction, the Rebel Alliance would use this event to rally the citizens of the galaxy to join the rebellion in order to avenge all the people that the Empire killed while on Alderaan.

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