Anti-trooper sharpshooters were units of anti-trooper that fought against the Galactic Empire in the years before the Galactic Civil War. Alongside the rest of the Clone Rebellion members, Anti-trooper sharpshooters were specially designed and trained to fight better than any standard Clone Trooper or Imperial Stormtrooper. Despite this, like all anti-troopers, these sharpshooters would all be killed during the Battle of Kamino.

History Edit

Created by the Kaminoan people to liberate them from the Galactic Empire, the Anti-troopers were given special enhancements and equipment to make them more skilled in combat than the other Clone Troopers the Kaminoans created before them. The Sharpshooters were no exception to this, as they were created with keen eyesight to make them better marksmen in combat. They, like the standard Anti-troopers, were equipped with modified Phase I Clone Trooper armor and a jetpack.

Anti-trooper sharpshooters were first put into action by the Kaminoans during what was known as the Clone Rebellion, in which several sharpshooters were utilized in the Kaminoan's assault against the Imperial forces on their homeworld. Their attack was a success but only lasted for a brief period of time, as the Emperor quickly retaliated by sending the elite stormtroopers of the 501st Legion to Kamino to deal with the rebels. Despite being able to kill a large number of Imperial Stormtroopers, the Anti-trooper sharpshooters were eventually defeated along with the rest of the Anti-trooper army and were all executed by the Empire.

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