"Chewbacca is first mate on a ship that may suit us."
-Obi-Wan, to Luke Skywalker
Chewbacca, better known as Chewie by most of his friends, was an wookie warrior who served in the Rebel Alliance army during the Galactic Civil War. Originally an wookie warrior and brief member in the Republic army before Order 66 and the rise of the Galactic Empire, following which Chewbacca would leave his homeworld of Kashyyyk and joined the smuggler, Han Solo in working for the Hutt Cartel. After years of working in Jabba's empire, Chewbacca and Solo would join the Rebel Alliance after the Battle of Yavin, participating in several more battles, such as the Battle of Hoth and Battle of Endor. During these battles, Chewbacca led several Rebel soldiers into battle against the Galactic Empire, up until the formation of the New Republic.

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