Galactic Empire was an organization formed out of the Galactic Republic that was founded by Sheev Palpatine in 19 BBY following the end of the Clone Wars. Unlike the Republic, the Empire ruled with an iron fist and treated its population poorly, as the government was secretly ruled by the ancient and sinister, Sith Order. Slavery was legalized, the press faced crippling restrictions on how it reported current events and Imperial policy and terror was used against real and suspected dissidents with many sent to labor camps or executed. The Imperial Security Bureau carried out mass surveillance of the public and used torture as a means of extracting information. Eventually, after years of tyranical rule, the Empire would be faced with a new threat, the Rebellion, which would soon grow into the Alliance to Restore the Republic and start the Galactic Civil War. After years of war, the Empire would, at last be destroyed by the rebel forces, and be forced to surrender to the newly formed New Republic.

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