"I understand that now, the need to become a part of a larger rebellion."
-Kanan to Hera Syndulla
Kanan Jarrus is an Jedi Knight who survived Order 66 as an young padawan and later helped create the Lothal rebel group, Ghost Crew. During his time fighting the Empire on Lothal, Kanan and his rebel allies ran into a young force-sensitive named Ezra Bridger, who Kanan would take on to be his new apprentice. Later Kanan and his apprentice, accompanied by Ahsoka Tano, would travel to the planet Malachor to learn about the Sith. However, this decision would have costly results, as Kanan would be rendered blind by a lightsaber strike from the former Sith Lord Maul at a Sith Temple on the planet. After this event, Kanan felt a disturbance in the force as Ezra was about to open a Sith Holocron, meaning that he was stepping closer into the Dark Side of the Force.